What if you could back in time and change something you did? This is a very frequent question asked but can there be this change brought without time travel??? Are things like unlove, unfriend , unsay possible in real life??

Once a shot is fired there is no going back…agreed but what when you can’t afford a time machine or have no fairy godmother by your side. In mathematics you learn limits. We say the limit tends to a value.That is it never becomes equal to that value but it is near it.This idea can be applied in real life too!! You can always try to undo a deed not exactly but can reach almost to the outcome that can be attained

There is a very famous fable about Akbar and Birbal. When Birbal was asked to shorten a line without touching it,he drew another line right besides it.This made the previous line look smaller. This is an excellent approach when you cannot go back and change what is already done.

The goal then becomes to make our remorse so small and negligible that it never bother you.If  you cannot unlove any person love somebody even more, If you cannot take back the words uttered, say all soothing words you can forever.

With the clock ticking and days passing I am sure one won’t be frequently bothered with the hole in their heart when there are too many people living in it.




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