The drop

I find myself quite skeptical about moving forward in life regardless of any situation but now I realize its all about the drop.In a way a reverse ladder.Our own idea or desire stumbling like us on the staircase(everyone did!).

Well how I would like to put this is we all have an assorted list of things to achieve in life.All of them know their status quo in the list and never overpower another (what a cooperation!).So initially what happens is when we come across a person or idea and have this spark inside our body to achieve it immediately here is what happens. Our brain maps a task related to it and that task tries to find its position in the list already present inside.

If its way too important it temporarily places itself in the top five (ofcourse nothing can replace the top priority). Once it has entered the system we try to achieve it. If its somewhat like chasing clouds or counting stars , almost impossible then after considerable efforts it gets dropped from our list of to dos.

Now in case you get the thing you wanted it takes a while to be bored of it.But trust me you always do at a point so, it gradually starts to retard from our array.Slowly it stops being our priority and stays somewhere in the milky way of our brainverse.

Well here’s the most difficult part of it. When you catch the fish hoping to be a goldfish which later turns out to be a catfish.Here’s when you can’t decide what to do.That list completely forgets the harmony lessons that you have been teaching them and our mistake climbs its way to the top.Clinging from there reflecting remorse.And so all you can do is hold back and wait for the drop.

It eventually looses its grip over your mind and falls back to the ground.Replacement isn’t always necessary.Nothing stays permanently anywhere.Maybe sitting back is not easy but that’s all its gonna take for the great drop to happen.Smooth functionality demands clear thinking and more organized ideas.Everything falls back to its place especially the weightless ones.

In the end you gotta trust gravity!!


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