Do the doodle!

One of my childhood memory that I can recall is of my mom, once she was talking on the phone and she asked me to fetch a piece of paper and a pen to jot a number. I handed the paper to her and after sometime i saw that number on the paper was accompanied by a bunch of flower patterns and henna designs.

Even today when I and my bench mate doodle ,I observed flowers and butterflies! Well I know that doodling in something very unconscious. It is the of our brain to solve problems or tell them in a different manner. Studies also found one can let out the frustration through it.But only flowers and butterflies all the time?

With this curiosity I googled the meaning of different types of doodles. Flowers meant amiable nature and a family centic person, Faces described the mood of the person happy for happy and sad for sad, writing names and initials said that the person wants attention and the highly detailed doodles which look like perfect art to me said that the person is extremely introvert, and some other specific doodle with a distinct meaning.

But after knowing all of this my question was why is this habit of doodling too gender specific? I mean why is it that I never see men doodling flowers and hearts and other flora patterns! It is always considered flowers to be a women thing. One of the reason is a quality of women being expressive. I read some more articles and found that men usually imply to draw geometric patterns. It shows clarity.

Women on the other hand are emotional and so go for human figures and rounded edged patterns. It all points to the social circle they are linked to. little girls doodle flowers because they like it ; a teenage girl goes for hearts (if in love) or butterflies which suggests escaping from their current situation or most likely stars which shows dreaminess and women tend to go for human figures or facial expressions which are not difficult to decipher.

After this little research of mine I can conclude that men consciously or unconsciously cannot express!!

PS The above piece misses the ever-present exceptions in all cases.



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