A good memory is more of a bane when you can’t control your thoughts.But there is always a transition phase there.No one prefers the torment when a few things(event or item) trigger the unwanted ppt of past.Repentance is a deadly side effect of reminiscence,But there was always that part of life where these hurtful memories didn’t exist.It was calm before chaos.Remembering ain’t gonna do good.So all you need to do is Re-member the group of those happy places in the mind palace , constructed way before the ugly renovation. Be the part of you that is content and happy.

And its okay to become forgetful.Or maybe pretend to be one, whatever helps minimize the adverse effect of memories on head and heart are fair.If ignorance come handy in situations where the head to heart effects of memories can be avoided ,it is truly a bliss then.

If life had clubs its time to redeem your membership at the club offering better packages for self improvement.The club that you didn’t ever leave but failed take advantage of the services for an interval busy in remorse.This club consists of only those people who can bring a smile on your face and the activities done here will be those which bring peace in the mind and satisfaction to life.


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