The moon

It was the overrated status of the moon in the Bollywood flicks that made it look so fascinating.The charmer always comparing the beauty to that of the moon. I was once more than just happy to be the moon of someone’s life. It seemed such importance in the romantic dilemma.No wonder I was shadowed to the lessons i learnt in the 6th grade science class.Moon being a mere satellite revolving around the planet, totally unaware of the fact.How could i forget! that there are millions of moons revolving around the planets busy in their own orbit. Each of those planets circling their assigned supremo.Now when I’m open to this I won’t settle being a moon of a planet orbiting the sun. I intend to be the entire universe of a person. The sun the moon and the star of it.

All of the people I met to this day are mere stars of my sky. stars that are the past.Some twinkle me to smile, others dimmed watching me thrive and rest lost….


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