The moon

It was the overrated status of the moon in the Bollywood flicks that made it look so fascinating.The charmer always comparing the beauty to that of the moon. I was once more than just happy to be the moon of someone’s life. It seemed such importance in the romantic dilemma.No wonder I was shadowed to […]

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What if you could back in time and change something you did? This is a very frequent question asked but can there be this change brought without time travel??? Are things like unlove, unfriend , unsay possible in real life?? Once a shot is fired there is no going back…agreed but what when you can’t […]

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The drop

I find myself quite skeptical about moving forward in life regardless of any situation but now I realize its all about the drop.In a way a reverse ladder.Our own idea or desire stumbling like us on the staircase(everyone did!). Well how I would like to put this is we all have an assorted list of […]

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Do the doodle!

One of my childhood memory that I can recall is of my mom, once she was talking on the phone and she asked me to fetch a piece of paper and a pen to jot a number. I handed the paper to her and after sometime i saw that number on the paper was accompanied […]

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A good memory is more of a bane when you can’t control your thoughts.But there is always a transition phase there.No one prefers the torment when a few things(event or item) trigger the unwanted ppt of past.Repentance is a deadly side effect of reminiscence,But there was always that part of life where these hurtful memories […]

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